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What is MERLOTx

  • MERLOTx is MERLOT’s new student portal, created to help students easily find resources to support their learning goals.
  • MERLOTx is a FREE, open online collection of almost 70,000 quality online learning resources across a wide range of disciplines.
  • MERLOTx connects you to an open online community of learners and teachers from around the world, with almost 140,000 members (IT’S FREE TO JOIN)

How can you use MERLOTx?

  • To LEARN the prerequisite concepts and skills for the courses you are taking.
  • To FIND supplemental materials to help you expand your knowledge and skills for the classes you are taking.
  • To EXPLORE subjects you might be interested in studying in the future.
  • To PERSONALIZE and ORGANIZE your online learning materials into a collection with notes on how and why you find them useful, so you can keep track of your learning.
  • To SHARE your personal collection, explore others’ personal collections, and contribute to the online learning revolution.
  • ANYWAY YOU WANT! MERLOTx is here to support you and your education goals.

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